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Daron Brown, R.F. – Consulting Forester
Timber Sales • Timber Appraisals • Forest Inventory • Management Plans • Reforestation
Thinnings • Insect & Disease Control



Daron Brown, R.F. – Consulting Forester
Timber Sales • Timber Appraisals • Forest Inventory • Management Plans • Reforestation • Thinnings • Insect & Disease Control




Evergreen Forest Management is a forestry consulting firm offering a variety of forest services to landowners. While specializing in timber sales for private landowners, Evergreen also offers other services such as forest management plans, present use tax plans, stewardship plans, timber appraisals, forest mapping, wildlife management, reforestation, prescribed burns, hunting lease management, forest insect and disease control and invasive vegetation control. The goal of Evergreen is to provide a world of forest management opportunities and resources to their clients and assist them in reaching their woodland management objectives. Evergreen specializes in assisting landowners with obtaining top prices for their standing timber and pulpwood by implementing a proven marketing strategy. With over 27 years experience in the NC forest industry, owner and operator Daron Brown brings a wealth of experience to the project while representing his client’s interest. Daron is a NC registered forester and a member of the Society of American Foresters. READ MORE



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“I could not be more satisfied with the services I received from Evergreen Forest Management. I have sold timber myself before but this was really the way to go. By allowing Daron to put my timber on the market I had the peace of mind that I received top market prices for my timber. Daron’s appraisal let me know how much timber I had up front and what I could expect from a sale. The final sale price confirmed Daron’s knowledge of local timber markets. I would recommend Evergreen to anyone who wants to get the most out of their timber sale.”

Trent Schuyler, Surry County, NC

“Growing a forest is like raising a family; it takes thoughtful planning. Daron Brown with Evergreen Forest Management developed a forest management plan for our property. We have been more than pleased with the successful results from the beginning. Daron was able to sell our timber for three times the amount we were offered by a timber buyer that approached us before we sought Daron’s expertise. By following Daron’s forestry plan, our timber has been harvested and we are now into our second year of growing a beautiful White Pine forest. Just like our family, our forest will continue to grow and mature. We plan on harvesting our mature forest as a retirement supplement. Thanks to Evergreen Forest Management, we were able to sell our timber, pay off our land and become debt-free.”

Steve & Karen Handy, Wilkes County, NC

“Daron, I would like to thank you so much for helping us with our logging. You made this project go so smoothly for us. It is so reassuring to know there are professional people like you to see that our sale goes well. You were always available when we had questions, you made us aware of everything that was happening before and after the logging began. We wish you the very best in the future.”

Shelia and Buddy Helms, Ashe County, NC

“Working with Daron was a pleasure. After meeting him at my property and talking with him about the services he could provide, I had no reservations about selling my timber through him. I have never sold any timber, so I didn’t know how much I had, how much it was worth, how to sell it, or what to expect the logging would do to my property. He handled it all. I recommend Daron to any who ask.”

Danny Holman, Wilkes County, NC