Annual Inspections

Evergreen Forest management provides annual inspections as an additional service to our clients who desire the assurance that their valued forest assets are being properly managed and that they stay on the projected path to a healthy as well as profitable forest. Data will be collected and analyzed by a seasoned forester with a trained eye for threats such as evidence of trespassers, erosion, invasive species, insect and disease out breaks, over-crowding or over-mature forest. Evergreen uses the latest technology in data collection, including the use of a drone during inspections to give a birds-eye-view that may pick up on areas that may be over looked from the forest floor. Core samples will be taken from saw timber trees to monitor growth rates that assist in management decisions. Once all data in analyzed, a complete report is submitted to the land owner with recommendations needed to keep the forest on its optimum development track. Government funding for management practices changes from year to year. Once decisions are made to implement management recommendations, Evergreen will connect our clients with the proper financial assistance available to carry out management recommendations. With the ever-changing forest environment brought on by increased threats of invasive plant species and destructive insects, it is critical inspections take place annually to prevent significant financial loss.