Prescribed Burns

Fire has been a natural part of forest ecosystems for thousands of years. Prior to the arrival of white settlers the Indians in North America used fire to maintain wildlife habitat. Because of widespread urban sprawl and an overall misunderstanding of forest fire by the general public, fires in North America have been suppressed far beyond their natural occurrences. In doing so we have lost all the positive elements that fire brings to the forest. Properly managed prescribed fire is a valuable tool for forest managers today. Fire is used to reduce logging debris in preparation for reforestation after logging operations, wildfire fuel hazard reduction, wildlife management, invasive species control as well as aid in the regeneration of oaks. Evergreen Forest Management is a licensed and insured NC Prescribed Burner. We believe that fire is an invaluable tool for many areas of forest management and we are here to assist our clients in realizing the positive effects of fire on their property. Many of the burns we do may even be eligible for cost-share assistance from state or federal agencies.