Forest Stewardship Plans

Are you interested in enhancing your forestland for these resources?

  • Wildlife
  • Recreation & beauty
  • Timber
  • Soil and Water

Then the Forest Stewardship Program was designed for you.

As a Forest Steward you will…

Receive technical assistance from Evergreen Forest Management and have access to various state agencies.

Receive a Forest Stewardship Plan to improve your forest resources.

Be recognized for your efforts to improve the natural resources of North Carolina.

Increase the benefits and income from your forest property today and in the future.

Become eligible for cost-share assistance. Play an important role in enhancing wildlife, timber, soil, water and recreational resources for yourself.


Any private landowner who has 10 acres or more of forest land and is committed to improving the wildlife, timber, soil, water, aesthetic or recreational resources on that land is eligible to participate in Forest Stewardship.

North Carolina’s Forest Stewardship Program

North Carolina is blessed with more than 18 million acres of forest land, of which 67% is owned by farmers and other private individuals. Our quality of life and the state’s economy are dependent on healthy, productive forests. How private landowners manage their forests has a major influence on present and future generations. The Forest Stewardship Program assists and recognizes landowners who are managing their forest lands according to a multiple-use concept. The Forest Stewardship Program enables landowners to work with natural resource professionals to improve their total forest environment.

*Stewardship information is from the NC Forest Stewardship Brochure


In many cases stewardship plans may be conducted at no cost to the land owner if cost-share assistance is available from the Forest Service. Cost share assistance availability may vary according to demand.