Timber Sales

Under our timber sale contract Evergreen  provides the following services

  • Locate and mark all property lines and secure a surveyor in the event lines cannot be found
  • Conduct a complete timber appraisal by determining woodland acreage, timber species, size, volume and market value
  • Determine which areas may or may not have reached market maturity
  • Secure a grading contractor in the event road construction may be necessary to harvest timber
  • Advertise and show the timber to all perspective buyers
  • Oversee the bidding process or negotiation of the timber
  • Assist with all documentation necessary for the sale of the timber including timber deeds and cutting contracts.
  • Oversee and supervise the timber harvest while in progress to insure compliance with the provisions of the sale
  • At the conclusion of the harvest, conduct an inspection of the property to insure all logging was conducted according to state environmental regulations. Landowners could face steep fines from the state and held responsible for environmental violations made by logging contractors on their property.