Wildlife Management

Habitat Enhancement

By altering wildlife habitat a landowner can significantly increase wildlife populations and sightings on their property. Key elements such as year round food, water and cover must be considered. There are many forest management practices that correspond with meeting key wildlife management objectives and will enhance the overall wildlife habitat. Many of these practices are eligible for cost share assistance from the state. Evergreen Forest Management can assist the landowner in implementing a proper wildlife management plan and ensure he receives all available cost share assistance. Evergreen works with licensed wildlife biologist in the area to design and implement wildlife management plans for private landowners.

Hunting Lease Management

Evergreen Forest Management has a network of responsible hunters who are seeking properties for hunting. Evergreen handles all the contracts, lease liabiality insurance and shows the property to prospective hunters. Lease amounts vary depending on wildlife abundance, access and property location. In most cases the hunting lease revenue will more than cover any county property taxes. Once the lease is secured Evergreen will periodically inspect the property to insure contract compliance and be in contact with the lease holder throughout the hunting season to deal with any problems that may arise.